I Don't Have Enough Time

Lack of time is a very common reason why people avoid share trading as a way of growing their money, and while it's true for some strategies (particularly for day trading), there are ways where you can generate healthy returns with minimal time invested – whether that's researching stocks, checking the markets everyday, or even the time spent learning how to do all of the above.

The truth however, is once you've become familiar with a system that works, you only need to spend about 30 minutes a day managing your portfolio.

Check out what our students have had to say below!

"What's great about doing a lot of trading on the U.S market is, when you're in Australia, you get up early in the morning and trade at the close of the market – so there's no pressure and then you've got the rest of the day to do whatever you like.

— Tricia Butler (I.T. Specialist)

"For us it's half an hour to 45 minutes – just depending how busy the market is – and the next day we only need half an hour to execute.

We'll have our plan the night before, we know exactly what we need to do the next day, and then we'll go to work, we'll go for a walk, and we just carry out our normal day like usual."

— Jun Yu (Pharmacist)

"My major concern was the time that I would have available to sit down and put into doing the study, going through the modules, and actually attending the webinars.

What I found was that the modules, the teaching is very simple, very easy to understand, very enjoyable. You don't have to spend your time looking up complex words, trying to figure out what that means."

— James Doyle (Airline Pilot)

"It’s actually really quick, it’s so easy. You work with a few stocks because there’s fundamental analysis; there’s only a short list of stocks anyway between 30 and 50 – it’s the same ones that keep coming up so you already know these companies; you’ve done all that analysis. It takes me literally 15-20 minutes a night if anything, just scan through everything. If I need to buy and sell it takes a little bit longer but not much longer and I just do it and it - So I allocate between 9:30 and 10:30 before bed, is my trading time every night."

— Vicky Ho (Cosmetic Dentist)

"Back in 2013, I was trading on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). I was spending so many hours at a day just wondering "Why?" - just checking up on the price every 5 minutes "What's the price doing?" And it was just so consuming and then I thought, "What's the point of this?" It's just too tiring so then I gave it up. But I'd always been searching for a system that suited me. 2017 I came across Terry and here I am."

— Duy Phan (Construction Manager)

"We were away in the Hamilton Islands so we were able to have our holiday and we only just spent that 45 minutes to look at the market and we're still able to trade before we go out for the day.

So we're still able to trade during the holidays. I think that's the freedom that The Freedom Trader system provided us."

— Jun Yu (Pharmacist)

"I'm a biomedical engineer, and I work in health care here in the state. I have a very busy full time job. And I find the investing and trading a great little hobby for me. Just a few minutes, most nights that's all I have to do. Once I got all set up, it just ticks over very easily."

— Tony Carlisle (Biomedical Engineer)

"Many days there's no opportunity to buy shares and there's no opportunity to sell shares. You open up and the market's just not in that space and you just go back to bed really.

— Chester Cutinha (Job Flow Supervisor)

"When I traded Options (instead of shares), I was trading up to 20 trades per day. It's a lot of time spent during those period, and it's just very tiring."

— Chandara Kev

"He spent hours and hours after work on the computer and not getting the results that he wanted. I'd rather him spend that time helping me raise the family..."

— Jun Yu


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