No Transparency

There are many educators out there that seem to share their real results.

The reality however, is very different – more often than not, they only show their wins, and not their losses. And they do this to promote how 'good' their course and system is. This doesn't serve their students in the long-run, which is why many students' results are very different to what is usually promised.

In the interest of transparency which this industry lacks so badly, theFreedomTrader shares its own real portfolios and opportunities it finds on a weekly basis, so students can breakdown the process and learn how to spot opportunities on their own as well (a lifetime skill that can be passed down to their children).

On top of that, we document and share every single investment and trade we make (both wins and losses – the good, the bad and the ugly) for all our students to openly see. In fact, some of the best lessons are made come from mistakes we make and we openly share that with our students as well – saving them thousands along the way.

Check out what our students have had to say below!

"Terry wants everyone to succeed and to me, he was more approachable. There was no - there just wasn't the hype that I felt with others — like "Oh you're going to make so much! Your money is going to triple and quadruple!". I went with Terry because of his honesty."

— Laura Brown (Retail)

"Very heartening to know that what he was teaching me and teaching others is what he's doing. It's not like he's got this program for his students but he's got a little extra knowledge on the side. He's stripped back his own investing and trading strategy to pretty much what he's teaching others. For me that's very authentic, it's not  like there's 1 program for him and 1 for the others. It's just whatever he's doing is whatever he's sharing."

— Chester Cutinha  (Job Flow Supervisor)

"Our share investing hasn’t been too bad but what I noticed is we always hold things too long, we just don’t sell. I think we just get busy and then what happens they go down and then we think, “Oh, they’re going to go back up” But then they go back up then we don’t know - well they might go a little bit more let’s just hold onto it - then they go down again! So okay so it’s not a very structured investment process. I am now subscribing to the Inner Circle with Terry, so he actually provides an insight into what he’s trading every week with his portfolio. It will give me a lot more confidence moving forward that I am on the right path."

— Christin Smith (E-Commerce)

"He’s got 20 years experience, he’s progressively picked up these stocks and understood them, he’s got his favourite list and he’s sharing that with us. They’re good stocks, there’s smart money involved in them, they’re the stocks that I always trade in and out basically, so hence I’ve basically taken most of those stocks and they’re my stocks now. Terry’s program it’s great information, it’s a great direction he believes in his system and yeah he’s excellent."

— Frank Bilotta (Builder)

"He explains things the best he can and if you don't get it the first time, he'll explain it another way. And just the fact that you know he is there to answer any questions and always makes you feel welcome to ask your questions. Not only is he a good teacher but he's honest – and that's what I was looking for - someone really honest, really open, put the cards on the table, said what it is, how it is, how it all works and answered my questions thoroughly and honestly and that's probably what got me here and has kept me here and it's been - I've just learnt so much, so much. Yeah, his passion for it rubs off on us as well."

— Laura Brown (Retail)

"It’s really created opportunities for me so I’m really thankful to Terry and just his passion and his transparency, the way he treats everyone and the teacher in him. And you know that no question is too dumb, like I ask pretty dumb questions but we all learn from each other and just the community that Terry’s created – even when you ask questions on there you always get someone offering advice or providing a hopeful solution for your question. My life has changed a lot over the last 12 months that I wouldn't have envisaged happening if it wasn't for Terry. I’m really grateful for what he’s done and for what he’s allowed me to do."

— Brad Mander (Nurse)


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