I Can't Self-Manage My Super or 401K

Many people consider self-managing their super but most have absolutely have no idea in regards to what's actually involved.

Here's the thing – there are many courses out there that encourage people to self-manage their super / 401(k) right away, without first even considering the portfolio size involved that makes it financially feasible. Allow me to explain...

For example (in Australia at least), many self-managed supers / 401(k)'s begin with less than $100,000 – encouraged by unscrupulous course 'educators'. Considering the fees involved in setting it up and maintaining it (e.g. audit fees, accountant fees etc.) which can easily add up to $5,000 a year, a small portfolio isn't really worth it – say you had a 10% return, you would generate $10,000 and with the fees deducted, you'll only have a $5,000 net return (5% return).

On the other hand, a $200,000+ portfolio is now more financially feasible and rewarding (and fun!) – if you know what you're doing. Even a conservative 10% return would generate you $20,000 and leave you with a $15,000 net return (7.5% return).

So if you meet the minimum criteria (i.e. a super fund of $200,000+), and you have a self-managed super, it's important that you learn how to protect and manage it properly because most people don't.

Check out what our students have had to say below...

"It's something that you are interested in trading and want to take it on yourself rather than allowing other people to do it, which has always been my fundamental problem. Like my self-managed superfund which I took over because the retailers – they don't buy and sell. They just hold – downturns, crashes, and you're still hanging on, you're losing. I feel like all money that's available now is now something I want to take control of and if it wasn't for Terry that would not be happening so very, very grateful."

— Paul Tarrant (Energy Markets Trader)

"Taking over my superannuation was a big part of learning how to buy and sell shares. So when Terry's course came along, it was just perfect timing. So I learnt with a very small portfolio and then have taken over my superannuation fund as well, which is so much more fun!"

— Tricia Butler (I.T. Specialist)

"Previously to Terry we had our own self-managed superfund which was run by brokers and advisors. It really didn't go very well, we had no real input to the outcome of what we were trying to achieve. Valerie happened to see Terry speak just as we were winding up the super. We decided to go with Terry and we sort of went from there.

— Jerry Kidd (Boiler Maker)

"I've got a superannuation fund which I was managing myself through brokers and my accountant said, "Look your superfund is not doing any good". I had it for about 30 years and he said, "I think you better do something about it. Why don't you try Terry?" I was a bit reserved at the beginning but then when I spoke to him and he told me what he does etc. and just how calm he was and I felt comfortable and I thought, "Look I'll give it a go, I can't really lose", and yeah so I gave it a go, tried it out and continued – the rest is history."

— Frank Bilotta (Builder)

"If someone was to tell me like 2 years ago that, “You would’ve been in share trading for a year and you would’ve made a profit and now you’re looking at looking setting up a self managed superfund to do share trading for your retirement” It wasn’t even a thought. "

—Brad Mander (Nurse)


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