Meet Alan

Why Alan joined The Freedom Trader team
From childhood, Alan has always held the vision of leaving his dent in the universe through education and facilitating genuine connections between people. Upon meeting Terry and learning the Blueprint method, he realised he could bring out his full potential without any hesitation, knowing that he's doing the right thing by others and working with someone who truly cares.

How Alan helps The Freedom Trader Community
Alan plays a big role in breaking down complicated complex topics around finance, investing and trading so the everyday investor quickly can learn and implement strategies successfully. He comes from a background of finance, marketing, and psychology and has a strong sense of empathy. His key strength (among many others) is placing himself in the shoes of others and conveying complex concepts across in an accessible way through the use of visual metaphors and analogies.

Experimenting with turning new ideas into reality, creating tools/systems, and making difficult things fun!

Interests / Hobbies
Triathlons, Martial arts, Snowboarding, Dungeons & Dragons, and Personality tests.


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