Too Old to Start Investing and Trading?

One of my readers, in his sixties, recently sent me this question.

To avoid causing any embarrassment, I will refer to my reader simply as “Bob”.

Bob had seen one of my posts on Trader Planet “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom”, and he had felt very relieved as a result of the fact that the post had led him to think in a way that no one had ever fostered in him before, with regard to financial freedom.  This new way of thinking was the concept of financial freedom being simply as having a passive income that will cover your expenses.

As Bob already had quite low living expenses, he came to the conclusion that using the capital he had already accumulated through 40 years in the workforce, he had the capability of setting up a self-funded retirement in a couple of years.

While he was very excited about this revelation, he also felt anxious because he was worried he was too old to learn all the ins and outs of trading and investing.

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