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'How to Create Financial Freedom Without Taking Silly Risks'

With Terry Tran, Founder of theFreedomTrader and Hedge Fund Manager


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Wednesday 28th February 2018
7:30pm - 9:00pm (Sydney, AEST)

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Here's What You'll Learn in This Powerful FREE Online Masterclass:

The 4 Critical Areas to Consistent High Returns and Achieving it Safely?

After losing over $100,000 and blowing 3 accounts on Options Trading, CFD Trading and Forex Trading in 2 frustrating years, Terry finally unlocks the winning formula that's taken a $50,000 account to over a $1.1 Million in 15 years. While others will show you their hypothetical 'model portfolio', instead watch Terry show you his accounts LIVE online and explain why it works.

New to Investing and Trading?

Learn exactly how to get started, even if you've never invested or traded a dollar in your life before.

How to Get Up to 9 out of Every 10 Investments Right

Let me show you why our students following our formula get up to nine out of every ten investments they make right and are achieving over 20% per year.

Get BIG Results From Small Accounts

The biggest myth is that you need a big account to start. Learn why a smaller account size is actually an advantage! You can achieve great results fast from small accounts, so you CAN start from where you are right now. Why wait?

The Best Way to Eliminate Risk and Make Sure You Never Lose Your Precious Capital

90% of investors and traders lose money in the markets. Don't be one of them. This simple yet effective method allows you to finally sleep well at night while building your wealth safely week in, week out.

Afraid of Financial Reports and Financial Jargon?

You don't have to be...Learn the 4 simple numbers that matter most, enabling you to choose only the best stocks in under 5 minutes and most importantly helping you avoid the rubbish. Simple works...

Scared of Another Market Crash Around the Corner?

Learn the single tool that finally allows you to have a glimpse into the future so you can advantage of market panic and fear, profiting from it rather than being affected by it. And the best thing is that this tool is absolutely FREE!

How to Take Control of Your Family's Financial Future

In just 90 minutes, you WILL learn the tools, the strategies, and the techniques that will simply take your family's wealth to another level without the risk most other people take.

So...Who is this Free Masterclass For?
  • People who want to become financially free to look after their family
  • People who want to create a secondary passive income from their jobs
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to invest their profits safely outside their business
  • People who want to grow a powerful retirement nest egg
  • Self Managed Super Funds wanting to maximise their returns without taking silly risks

No Hype and no BS, just the simple effective strategies to create real financial freedom which I personally learned from my mentor Warren Buffett.

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    (Tickets are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.)

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